Born out of the passion to see young up coming Gospel artists develop and build a career out of their  God given gifts/talent and also to unite with one voice the young and experience gospel artist,for the purpose of strengthening the depreciating and low patronage of  gospel artists was soundjet formed .

That’s why, instead of time wasting and delay our recruitment services helps you with gospel :

Artist, Comedian, Guitarist, Saxophonist, Organist, Music Producer Keyboardist, M.c, D.j, Vocalist, Musical group Choreographer, Talking drummer, Musical facilitator, Choir director  etc. that can be built to fit just about any requirement including daily, monthly and yearly programs.

Whether you are looking for young up coming or experienced, we can apply our knowledge and experience to help you to achieve your objectives as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

We are passionate and motivated to set up a platform to engage young gospel artist to contribute towards the growth of gospel through music and other forms of entertainment.